How to Cook Rice with Coconut Oil to Burn More Fat and Absorb Half the Calories!

It is a real struggle for many people to lose excess weight, and the old saying “calories in – calories out” alone is not enough. It is a fact, confirmed by the USDA, that Americans (and not just them) eat too much. According to the statistics, Americans are taking double calories(about 500cal)per day than needed. That is twenty percent more since 1970. That is why overweight is a real problem for the Americans.

A new method of cooking rice is discovered by Sudhair James(from College of Chemical Sciences in Sri Lanka) that should to cut the calorie absorption by 50 to 60 percent. This has been demonstrated at National meeting and exposition of the ACS(American Chemical Society). He wanted to make the rice as a resistant starch that will resist starch or sugar absorption from going into the bloodstream.

As the other starches, rice is very digestible and the conversion to glucose(sugar)in the blood is really fast. Most of the starch is kept in glycogen form in the muscles and liver but the excess glucose is kept as a fat which after that might cause many health problems and obesity.

It would not be digested in the small intestines if the starch is resistant but it would be a food for the good microbes in the large intestines. That is how the colon cells are going to be healthier and the blood’s extra glucose will be reduced. It is also great for healthy elimination and natural fat burning.

Coconut oil is the secret ingredient

This is a simple and quick method of increasing the rice’s resistant starch:

You should dissolve one tsp. of coconut oil in boiling water and stir it well. Then add a ½ cup of rice.
Simmer it for about forty minutes (until the rice is cooked) or 20 to 25min according to other researches.
Then, leave it in a fridge for 12 hours. Even though it will look like leftover, it can help those ones with blood sugar and weight problems.

This method can provide resistant starch for about ten times more than the traditional rice.

How this method functions:

James says that while it’s cooked, the coconut oil goes in the starch granules and it makes the sugar resistant to digestive system’s enzymes and it prevents from being digested and decomposed.
The rice sugar becomes resistant starch, while it is left for 12 hours of cooling, because the starch bounds to the molecules of the rice’s outer part. The effects will be gone if you reheat the rice.
There is amount of studies that are trying to find a type of rice that can reach maximum calorie reduction and also types of oils that are going to have the same effects as coconut oil.
This is great for those ones who love rice but overeating rice might disrupt the blood sugar levels. There are many nutritious foods that can used as meal’s side dishes, like cauliflower, squash, potatoes, leafy green vegetables, mushrooms, quinoa and barley.

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