What happens if you massage this point on your forehead

The  massage that is explained in this article will do wonders for your health. It can help you relieve stress, headache, tension and bad sleep. We believe that you are skeptical now, but just wait until you try it, and then you will start convincing all the close ones to try it, just as we are doing it with you.

It’s believed among people that precisely this massage can boost a person’s intuition and also improve your concentration, and relaxing your eyes.

The place that you should massage is located between your eyebrows. This spot on your forehead should be massaged for 45-60 seconds for optimal results. You should massage the point by moving your finger up and down in a range of 3-4 centimeters. While doing this, you are improving the blood flow, stimulate the secretion of endorphins (brain chemicals) and relieving the tension in your muscles.

By practicing the massage daily, you will manage to calm your senses, eliminate the headache, chronic fatigue, the eye pressure and clean the nasal congestion.

Your skin will also undergo a transformation thanks to this massage, and it may not be noticeable very fast, but after some period of time you will see the full improvements on your whole wellbeing.

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