Look at The Second Finger on Your Foot. If is This Size Then You Are Very Special, Here’s Why …

This phenomenon is widespread and reportedly has every third person in Europe, but very few know what it means to have a greater second finger than big toe. Some call this “Greek foot” and is known as a sign of strength, intelligence and attractiveness.

Most people think that this is the only visual difference, but we should pay more attention because it can quickly lead to pain. People who have “Greek foot” can quickly develop pain in that finger, with running or walking because it is often bent. This movement can lead to inflammation, which can be very painful, but the risk is higher for runners.

Wear the right size shoes that have enough space for your toes, and never should wear shoes that cause pain around the fingers. An alternative method is to wear pads for shoes, which help treat pain and inflammation. Cut it so that it fits under the heel and foot.

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