20 Former Celebrities Who Now Hold Down Regular Jobs Like The Rest Of Us – 7

5. Mike Vitar

Former The Sandlot star Mike Vitar couldn’t settle on just playing heroes on the big screen. In 1997, then, he began training with an ambulance crew and went on to become a cherished firefighter with the Los Angeles Fire Department. But though he’s since saved many lives, the former actor courted controversy for an October 2015 assault that could see him imprisoned for a four-year stretch.

4. John Cassisi

While co-stars Scott Baio and Jodie Foster went on to have shining Hollywood careers, Bugsy Malone’s John Cassisi traveled a more down-to-earth road. Indeed, as an adult he became a construction exec at Citigroup – where he began to resemble his Bugsy gangster character Fat Sam in one nefarious way. Back in 2015 the former star was jailed for a minimum of two years for netting $500,000 in kickbacks.

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