Select a key and discover your true personality!

I’m inviting you to try out this simple and fun personality test.

As far as I know, it doesn’t have any scientific basis, but I’m sure it will surprise you with its results.

The test – as said – is quite simple. Choose a key from the first picture. Mind: one and one only key!

Check then what the keys tell you about yourself and your personality!


The key you’ve chosen is the most simple and plain amongst the ones available: it’s very common and without any embellishments.
For that reason, this kind of key is usually the most effective in opening doors. It means that you are rational, determined, and very analytic, even if sometimes you can also be fragile and vulnerable.


The key you’ve chosen is a reliable key that could open any door in a magical castle.

It means that you are a charismatic, strong and innovativetype of person. You usually get what you want and your strengths are independence and and unwillingness to feel bound by promises.


The key you’ve chosen has a very rare form.

It means that you are very confident and you always believe in yourself: why else would you take the biggest risk and choose the strangest key? Its biting cuts are very tricky, so you can’t be sure if it’s going to open one particular lock.

You are decisive and always full of ideas. You accept challenges without thinking twice, always in control of your life and ready to embark on every journey that awaits you.


The key you’ve chosen looks like a four-leaf clover.

It means you are a cheerful, easy-going and optimistic person who always looks at the bright side.

Be careful, though: sometimes your optimism makes you ipulsive and a little distracted, so you might get into trouble without even realising it.


The key you’ve chosen has a decoration full of intricate details and it’s the same type of key that appears usually in fairy tales and fantasies.

It means that you are a creative dreamer with an original personality and a very vivid imagination.

You take things personally and sometimes your unique personality is not very well received, which makes you feel excluded and misunderstood.


The key you’ve chosen is a classic one.

It means that you are rational and full of good sense. You possess great powers of concentration, but you ind it rather difficult to step outside your comfort zone.

You are very loyal and usually expect the same from those around you.


So…was it correct?

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