Dog Tries To Warn Mom In The Middle Of The Night… Then She Realizes Her Son Is In Terrible Danger

A sufferer of type-1 diabetes, Dorrie Nuttal’s 7-year-old son, Luke, was lucky enough to have access to a therapy dog program. The family had cared for their black lab—appropriately named Jedi—since Luke was little. So when Dorrie found Jedi lying on top of her one night last Winter, she knew something was wrong.

Even after Dorrie checked Luke’s glucose monitor, Jedi remained adamant that something was amiss. Incredibly, he was right.

Dorrie Nuttal knew something was wrong when her son’s therapy dog, Jedi, woke her up in the middle of the night. “I knew he meant business, and the sleepy fog started to wear off,” Dorrie wrote on Facebook. Her 7-year-old son, Luke, had diabetes, and his monitor said he was fine. Still, Jedi wouldn’t budge.

Dorrie pricked Luke’s finger, and was shocked to find a low reading of 57. Right away, she gave him a glucose tab. She wasn’t surprised that Jedi sensed something was wrong, though—this was not the first time that he had picked up on something that the monitor didn’t.

In fact, after Jedi was brought into Luke’s life as a puppy, the black lab was trained to detect changes in chemical composition that indicated if Luke’s blood sugar levels had risen or fallen.

Since then, there hasn’t been a night where Jedi wasn’t right by Luke’s side. Without Jedi, nights like that one could’ve ended far differently.

Jedi can’t always protect Luke, however. Dorrie and her husband have to check the monitors three times per night, and Jedi doesn’t go with Luke to school. Still, he’s been an invaluable member of the family with the way he makes sure that Luke is happy and healthy.

“When Luke is older, I want him to feel like he always has Jedi with him,” Dorrie said. “They’re great companions and absolutely love each other. When he looks back at his childhood, he may remember the shots and finger pricks, but I also want him to remember the puppy parties.”

What a miracle it must be to have Jedi at home with Luke! Not only is he an adorable companion, but he’s also a life-saver. Good boy, Jedi!

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