20 Former Celebrities Who Now Hold Down Regular Jobs Like The Rest Of Us – 3

13. Lisa and Louise Burns

There must have been something in the Overlook Hotel’s air to make The Shining’s actors quit the business. Indeed, like co-star Danny Lloyd, Lisa and Louise Burns – who played the ghoulish Grady twins – also stepped away from the limelight shortly after the film’s release. Now the pair both have incredibly impressive careers: Lisa works as a lawyer, while Louise is a microbiologist.

12. Jon Gosselin

Since divorcing his wife Kate in 2009, reality star Jon Gosselin has fallen on pretty hard times. Following his departure from Jon & Kate Plus 8, in fact, he’s worked several odd jobs, including fitting solar panels and waiting tables. However, he’s since failed to find steady employment and in 2014 was even let go from a serving job for tardiness.

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