Are Bananas Being Injected With The HIV Virus?

Articles about blood infected bananas were first seen in 2015 with claims the fruit were being infected with HIV contaminated blood.

One recent version (published by hoax website, which is presented as a ‘breaking news’ report from CNN, claims that bananas in an Oklahoma Walmart store have tested positive for HIV.

“A 10-year-old boy who had eaten a banana his mother purchased at a Walmart in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was rushed to the emergency room due to fever, chills and fatigue just seven days after consumption. After a thorough examination, blood tests and scans the young boy tested positive for the HIV virus… Eight children, all under the age of 17, have been diagnosed as HIV-positive within the month of March”.

This story is not true, and is not scientifically possible. The messages are just absurd hoaxes with no basis in fact. There are no credible news or health authority reports that confirm the claims in the messages in any way.

The HIV virus can only be kept alive while in a human body. Additionally, it is a virus that is impossible to detect immediately after contraction (or 7 days in the case of this untrue story). The fastest HIV can be medically detected is 4 weeks after infection, although it can often take up 6 months before high enough traces of the virus will show up on tests (

The red-brown streaks, which may look like blood, is caused by bacteria and is known as Banana Xanthomonas Wilt (BXW). It can be transmitted to other plants by contaminated plant material, knives, soil or even through the air.

Usually the whole plant will be affected and will start to die back without yielding any fruit. However, in rare instances, adult plants can be infected and the bacteria can infect the fruit itself

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